Which is correct, a belief in many Gods or one?

Belief in Many Gods or One. Who is correct.

Which is correct, a belief in many Gods or one?

Being raised in a family where part was Pagan and part was Christian, I saw and heard the good, bad and ugly from both sides my entire life. One side holds the belief in many Gods while the other proclaims just one. This may well have been the main impetus that led me down the Spiritual path to where I am today. After all, it is hard to say half you family is right and the other half is wrong, when you can see both good and bad in both sides.

If you take a moment to study how Our Creator designed the marvelous systems behind our home planet and the entire universe, it becomes easy to see almost nothing is designed so there can be only two options. There is no black and white without grey. No single person on earth is 100% good or 100% bad, but rather they are a mixture of the two and even the best good person on earth occasionally has to make choices that goes against their beliefs. So why does the question of belief in many Gods or one, have to be either or?

Which is correct, a belief in many Gods or one?Are there many different Gods? Is the belief in one god correct? They are actually both correct statements when you choose to look past the confines of only accepting all or nothing answers. Our Creator did not make anything to be only positive or negative, black or white, or good or bad, so why should be view ourselves and all of creation in only two dimensions?

Our Creator, our God if you choose that term, is far more complicated than all of the various religions combined proclaim him to be. While that sounds extremely complicated and it obviously is, in reality it can be summed up in the simple statement “God is Omni-EVERYTHING”. In fact, Our Creator is so far beyond our puny human understanding that we do not physically have any word that is all-encompassing enough to describe him.

Think back to the times when the belief in many gods first started. People were not as advanced as we are in record keeping and technology. People lived by the natural cycles of life our Creator established. In their limited capacities, a long period of rain had to be controlled by a God that handled the amounts of rain. There had to be a God of Death because people died on a regular basis. They did not have the capacity to understand something that is far too large for today’s humans to understand. Are their many gods simply a way look at individual aspects of The Creator so they could begin to comprehend a small part of the whole?

I believe and I teach that is exactly how the many Gods theory was started. I am sure there are plenty of people on both sides of the many arguments on this subject, who will disagree with me. That is perfectly fine. I am not here to force you to accept and/or believe my beliefs. I am here to help you fine tune your beliefs into a system that does not leave you doubting whether you are right or wrong. A system that allows you to live life to the fullest without the fear some use to control other people.

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