Dealing with Negative Thoughts In a Positive Way

Never allow negative thoughts to control you!

Far too many people believe the Power of Positive Thinking is about never having any negative thoughts and/or never having anything negative happen to you. Nothing could be further from the truth. No matter how positive you are, you will have things happen in your life that makes it far too easy to think negativity. You can start to change your thoughts and your life by accepting this as fact, and learning how to deal with the negativity rather than run from it, or embrace it.

Anytime I write a new article, I begin by researching the best keywords that fit the topic. I was amazed at the number of keyphrases such as “stay away from negative people”,  “avoid negativity quotes”, and “eliminate negative thoughts”. One of your main purposes in life is to learn and grow, to become a better person, better capable of handling anything life throws at you and to help others. If you choose to run from the learning opportunities that are presented to you, how will you learn? How can you help someone if you run from them the minute they show signs they need help?

Obviously, this does not mean you should stay in a relationship where you are being physically, emotionally or mentally abused by someone. There will be times when it is in your best interests to let people leave your life. But there is no need to run from every person exhibiting negative emotions. To do so means losing a valuable opportunity to learn and grow emotionally and spiritually, and you miss a chance to possibly change someone’s life for the better.

Learn to use all your Spiritual Gifts

dealing with negative thoughts in a positive wayOne of the best ways to help yourself and others with problems or when they are being far too negative, is to learn to use all of the Spiritual Gifts The Creator gives us. The better you are personally prepared, the better able you are to help others. Negative thoughts can be addictive for anyone. Often we simply need someone to remind us of that fact and we can begin to let go of the non-necessary negativity.

How does learning to use your Spiritual gifts fit into this equation? As you become attuned to your gifts, you will receive signals regarding people you are speaking to. You learn to know in advance where their problems are coming from. For instance, a co-worker becomes trapped in negative thoughts about almost every little subject, but your Spidey sense tells you she is going through some very rough times due to a family member’s illness. A shoulder to cry on could be exactly what she is missing and giving her a few minutes of your time could be a life changer for her.

It works the opposite way to. On a first date, you find your date speaks of almost nothing but negative things that have happened in their life. Instead of feeling compassion for them, you keep getting wary feelings about them and decide not to go out with them again. You later find out someone else began seeing them and ended up abused.

In some cases, you may feel the overpowering urge to direct white light toward someone you just met or even toward a complete stranger walking down the street. You may have the urge to send blue light toward someone, or green light toward someone else. You should never be afraid to send positive energy to someone. Do exactly what the urge is telling you. You do not have to speak to the person, simply act upon the information you received. You may never know why you received that information, but you may have helped heal a major illness, attracted the money they needed to save their home, or lifted their spirits enough they changed their mind about suicide.

Our Creator gave us these gifts and gave us the freewill to choose how we should use them. You are the person who determines whether you put them to good use or use them negatively.

For those of you who question whether you have the right to send any type of energy at someone without their permission. Of course you are free to follow whatever set of rules you choose to follow. I ask only that you consider this.

  1. One of your main purposes in life is to help others.
  2. If there is a reason in which your positive thoughts would cause negative harm to someone, do you not think The Creator can handle it?
  3. There is also the very real possibility The Creator has put this person in your path, specifically so you can help them. This could be something that helps you more than them or it could be because their is a lesson you need to learn in the scenario.


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