• Do I need a membership? To enjoy the site, yes. There is limited information that is available without a membership, however detailed information, participation in groups, using the forum and to be able to post comments, requires a free membership. This is 100% to prevent spammers from taking over the site. We will NEVER send spam email. We hate spam and refuse to participate in sites that send it. You can rest assured we never will.
  • Is there a cost to be a member? At this time, membership is 100% free to anyone with a verifiable email address. At some point in the future, we may offer special groups and/or in depth training where there may be a fee involved. But that will always be 100% optional.
  • Will you cancel my account if I am not active? If site resources become thin, we MIGHT cancel some accounts that have been dormant for an extended period of time. This would mainly be removing from groups. As long as you login to your account at least once per year, there is very little chance your entire account will be deleted.
  • Can I be notified if someone replies to my forum post? Yes! You can subscribe or unsubscribe yourself from any forum or message at any time. If you want to subscribe to an entire forum section, go to the top level of that forum and click the subscribe button. If you want to subscribe only to specific forums within that group, go to the forum for that group and click subscribe. If you want to subscribe only to specific topics, go to that topic and subscribe. Simply click unsubscribe to be removed.
  • Can I have a group for members of my religion to work together? Sure! We welcome any and everyone and have no problem with people using a group to help others of the same belief system to work together. The only rule religious groups have to follow that does not affect non-religious groups is there is no proselytizing in comments, posts, groups or anywhere else on the site outside of your specific group.