Finding positive thinking techniques that work for you!

Finding Positive Thinking Techniques that fit you

Find positive thinking techniques that fit you personally.

It is almost impossible to live in the modern world and to have never heard of the so called “positive thinking techniques”. Most spiritual guru’s dwell on the subject and that is probably because it works. Well, it works for most people at least. If you happen to be one of those people who simply does not fit into the so called “normal” range, you might be struggling with it. Even if you fit perfectly within the normal range, there is a good chance you can improve your efforts with a few easy tweaks to your positive thinking techniques.

The problem many people run into is they are being taught the techniques that fit the average person. Any time you are dealing with a business or group whose main purpose is to make money, if you don’t fit within the average mold of society, there is a good chance you will have a harder than average time. After all, it’s hard to streamline a business model that will work for everyone, so almost all business models are based upon the needs of the average majority.

If you happen to fall outside of that average range like I do in many areas of life, you sort of get left behind. You have a choice when that happens. You can choose to simply accept you were left behind and go on with the same life you have always lived. Or, you can refuse to be left behind and find a way to get the same benefits as everyone else, by making adjusts to what you know doesn’t work for you.

Tweak what everyone else does and make it work for you!

Finding positive thinking techniques that work for you!One of the big problems areas I have seen for most people is how hard it is to remove all negativity from your life. This is an area where I teach things differently than many. So let’s tweak someone else’s positive thinking techniques and make it work for us.

It is not about removing all negativity from your life. There will always be negative things happening to us because we have chosen to see far too many things as negative rather than simply “one of those things” that happens sometimes. It is about how you personally choose to respond to negativity that matters.

Our Creator made us with emotions. Therefore emotions are natural. It is OK to allow a negative emotion to come to the surface occasionally. The trick is to make sure it is only occasionally and in choosing the proper way to handle that emotion. One of my students was having a problem with anger, especially anytime her saw or heard someone berating or trying to take advantage of a disabled or mentally challenged person. For many years, that threw him into a full blown “look out Daddy’s coming” mode.

He admitted, this got him into many situations he did not want to be in and he knew it was something he had to learn to deal with better. I chose this to be the area we worked on first for him as I felt this way by far his worst problem area. I had him research (Google) better ways to handle these situations and prepare a list for our next conversation.

At our next chat, we went over the list. While there were many examples on his list, they basically fell into only a half dozen or so different general area. We worked together to pick out just 3 that felt like the right ones to him.

His next assignment was to spend some time memorizing those 3 things. I made 3 meme’s for him that had positive affirmation of his examples. He then took those affirmations and made them a major part of his life. Repeating them daily to himself, multiple times a day, sharing the memes on Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis and talking about them to people who commented on his posts.

About 3 months later he got in touch again to tell me he had been able to let go of the majority of his anger in these types of situations. He no longer tries to completely squash his anger because he understands that did nothing but increase his stress level during the entire time he was attempting to squash it.

Tweak Your Spiritual Path

Our Creator gave us free will. Most religions agree that we have it. Yet for some reason, few decide to act upon it. When you are truly connected with Our Creator, you understand that you make your own path, you make your own decisions. You can choose to change or you can choose to stay the same.

If like isn’t working for you for some reason, TWEAK YOUR PATH! Look within yourself for answers because there is not a single Guru out there whose style works for everyone.

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