positive thinking exercises can change your life

Positive Thinking Exercises to Change Your Life

You can change your life with positive thinking exercises

Imagine a world where all you had to do was a few push-ups, run in place for 5 minutes, or do a few reps of your favorite strength building exercise and suddenly, every thought you had and every word you spoke would be 100% positive all the time. Wouldn’t life be grand? We all experience times when we did not want to be bothered by exercises. It’s no difference with positive thinking exercises.

I wish it didn’t happen but at some point in time you wake up and reality hits you in the face. You realize like anything that is worth having, you need to work for it to make it happen. This goes for positive thinking also. No one can simply say a few affirmations  and suddenly become the poster child for the positivity movement. It just doesn’t work that way.

positive thinking exercises can change your lifeWhat you can do, however, is to start making small changes and see them as being forms of positive thinking exercises. One of the easiest one to start with is the simple act of saying THANK YOU. How often do you say thank you to others? Sure there is a really good chance you say it at work when someone hands you something, or probably at your favorite restaurant when the waitress/waiter brings you your meal, but chances are good you rarely say thank you to complete strangers, even when they do something nice, that was not required for them to do so.

On Social Media, you look at thousands of images, stories, complaints and such, people have posted each day. If you are trying to build your social media following, there is a good chance you will make some small gesture of acknowledging the post. Perhaps a “nice” or “beautiful”. But how many times do you bother to say “thank you”? And even better is when you say “thank you, their name”. Adding their name to your post personalizes it, gives people a moment to think good thoughts about you (yes that is more positive energy coming your way), and it goes a long way to brightening the day of the person you are saying it to.

Why should you try to do simple  positive thinking exercises like this at least several times a day? Because it helps both you and the person you say it to. Never forget that both our thoughts and our words are forms of energy. When spoken (or thought) we are sending them out into the Universe as a form of positive energy and they attract positive energy into your life. Our words are just as powerful as a prayer or magic spell and they help to determine what will happen in our lives in the future.

Start making a collection of some of the little memes and stickers people send around social media. Don’t be afraid to share memes people make with their domain name on them. You are actually helping them advertise their sites when you share them, but don’t add them to an online collection or remove their domain name and make it look like you made them. That is very negative and will attract more negativity to you. When you see a post someone has made and you truly like it, slap a big thank you meme on it and share the love.


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