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Holistic Humanity may be a newbie in the Psychoenergetic field, but we are determined to create a place where anyone, regardless of experience can come to learn more, share their knowledge, get questions answered and build a life they can be proud of. Each day, we are adding new features and information to help everyone become all they can be. Today we are proud to announce the member profile section has be completely reworked. Since the day the basic concept of Holistic Humanity was first thought about, I have seen it as much more than a place to teach. I have seen it as a full fledged Social Media outlet designed specifically for people seeking to improve our world both physically and spiritually.

Add your profile to your Holistic Humanity accountMembers can now add a personalized profile for others to see. You choose what information you want others to see. Tell the world about your experience, your business specializations, and you can provide links back to your website or blog. There is also a section to list all your Social Media accounts so you can find new friends and/or business associates.

We are dedicated to helping others in all aspects of their life and working hard to make Holistic Humanity a true Social Media platform for everyone involved with any aspect of psychoenergetics, the paranormal and/or simple seekers of truth and knowledge. You can take advantage of all the site offers now and in the coming months by simply join and completing your profile.

Do you have an idea for a group you would like to start? Perhaps an “Ask ______”, to help others reach their goals, a daily tarot card for guidance, or a weekly astrology preview. Let us know your idea and we can set up a group with you as the admin and attach a forum to it. It will be your show. You run it as you see fit as long as it remains without the site TOS and privacy policies.

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