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Remote Viewing Contest – What’s in the Box

Remote Viewing Contest

Want to exercise your remote viewing abilities? What about winning a little cash? The first person to correctly identify what is in the box wins the $25. This contest officially starts on 08/05/17 at 8 am, eastern time. It ends September 1 at 8 am eastern time.

The first person to correctly name what is in the box wins! If at the end there has been no winner, we will pick the entries that came close and allow all the members to vote on who was the closest. That person wins the jackpot.

What could be in the box?

Absolutely anything because it does not have to be small enough to fit in the box. That means your job as you are remote viewing is to look inside the box, not just for an item, but possibly at a photograph.  It could be a photo of a person, place or thing. Don’t worry, if it is a person it will be someone everyone around the world would probably know about. Someone well known enough so everyone will have a chance to know who it is.

Anytime you are working on remote viewing, make sure to make note of any sights, sounds and smells you receive. Are their certain shapes or colors you see, even if you cannot make out exactly what it is. All these little clues add up to determine how close you came to the physical item, so be sure to include them in your description.


  1. You must be a registered member of this site to participate. Membership is 100% free.
  2. All entries must be posted in the forum for this contest under the August 2017 contest post.
  3. Limit of 1 entry per person per day. A day starts at 8 am eastern time.
  4. If your country cannot accept Paypal, I will send a USPS International postal money order or regular money order if you live in the USA..

To participate:

  1. Sign up for a free membership if you do not already have one.
  2. Join the contest group.
  3. Add your description of what is in the box to the August 2017 contest post.

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