remote viewing is the process of allowing your thoughts to travel through time & space

Remote Viewing Group 1

Welcome to Remote Viewing Group 1

remote viewing is the process of allowing your thoughts to travel through time & spaceThe website defines it as: “Remote viewing is a controlled and trainable mental process involving psi (or psychic ability). It is used to transfer perceptual information across time and space.” This is by far the best definition I have found. Most definitions seek to make it appear to be a mystical/magical event that only the select few can accomplish. In reality, it is a natural event and something most anyone can do if you simply allow yourself the time and the attitude to be able to learn.

Group Goals

The main goals of group 1 is to teach the basics of ensuring your efforts fit a basic protocol and events are properly recorded. If you do not wish to participate in result tracking, it is optional in this group. But, please add your user name to the DO NOT TRACK RESULTS forum.

How does it work?

We hold weekly training exercises and have an ever growing list of articles and training materials available free of charge. In the training exercises, Admin places and item or a photo of an item in a box that is kept in a specific location. We post the beginning and ending times of the exercise in an article on site. Anytime within that 1 week window, you use your remote viewing training to determine what is in the box.

Once you have determined what you believe it to be, you post your results on the article. After the reveal of the contents, all members compare your description to the photo of the item and rate whether you had a hit, miss or partial hit. Scores are kept on a spreadsheet on Google Doc, so everyone can track how well they have done over a period of time.


  • Do I have to use my real name? No. In fact, we much prefer you use a screen name. You can change your screen name by clicking on the small image of you in the top, right corner of the page. From the drop down list, click EDIT MY PROFILE.
  • How do I join? Click Here, then click the join button.
  • Will I get kicked from the group if I miss a remote viewing exercise? Only if you are gone for a long length of time without letting us know. When groups get too large, we have no choice but to decrease the numbers. If someone has not participated for several months, they could be removed to make room for others. If you make note in the forum you will be gone from THIS date to THAT on, we will hold your spot open for you.
  • If I quit the group, do my scores get deleted? No. We keep records of results, without real names, permanently. When someone is having exceptional results, we want to be able to prove it. If the group as a whole is getting exceptional results, we want to prove it. The only way to prove anything is to keep very good records of results.
  • Is their any cost to participate in this group? No. This group is 100% free. In fact, most of our groups will be 100% free. At some point in time, if we have enough people willing to participate, we may design groups for specific situations that could have a cost associated with them if it will require a great deal of work to operate the group.

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