teachers & leaders needed for psychoentergetic social media site.

Teachers & Leaders needed. Social Media site for psychoenergetics

Social Media site for psychoenergetics seeks Teachers and Leaders

Holistic Humanity is seeking teachers and leaders in all areas that fall under the umbrella term of psychoenergetics. This includes but is not limited to psychic, remote viewing, telekinesis, astrology, mediums, clairvoyance, tarot, numerology, and the spirit world.

You will have your own group with it’s own forum you can set up however you like. It can be viewable by everyone or only members of your group. The group is mainly for teaching, but you are free to link to your personal website where you sell your services. I do not expect anyone to write a book specifically to teach a single person information that is available freely, nor do I expect you to do free readings everyday for someone who is so unsure of themselves they cannot make simple decisions.

teachers & leaders needed for psychoenergetics social media site.Your role is more of a guide, helping people to find their own answers and a leader providing a safe place for everyone to make friends and share life with people who understand exactly who they are. You may occasionally be asked to write an article on your specific type of psychoenergetics. This will be used to help me place advertising that is keyword specific.

It will be in your best interest to advertise your new group to your other social media accounts, but it is not mandatory.  This position will be unpaid at this time, but my goal is to make it a paid position once the site is profitable enough to be able to. By helping us grow the site you are helping us to reach that point faster.

You can help us build something like no other site online. We strive to be a full service Social Media site specifically for people within the psychoenergetics community. All members have walls similar to FB and can build their own friends list. As a leader, you control your group. It’s like having your own little section of a social media site. You control who is allowed to join and who has to go. You can build friendships and help other leaders increase their followers while still maintaining the right to not allow others to advertise in your group.

To find out more

  1. Join Holistic Humanity
  2. Ask to join the Leaders Group by using the form below to submit a request for an invite.
  3. Friend me. We can only invite people who are on our friends list. This prevents people from sending invites to every member of the site.

Not everyone who asks to be a group leader will be accepted. You will be notified if you were not chosen for any reason. Once you have accepted the invite, you can ask all the questions you want. Hope to talk to you soon.

NOTE: The more information you can give, the better the chances of being accepted as a leader. Giving your social media links allows me to see what you are posting and get a better idea of who you are. Visiting your website allows me to see whether your style would fit in with what we are trying to accomplish at HH. Sell yourself to me. Why would I want to take a chance on you? What can you do to help my viewers? 

Don’t forget to include the name you want for your group?

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