Use telekinesis to influence a coin toss

Telekinesis Coin Toss Exercise – Random Number Generator

Telekinesis Coin Toss Exercise

Time to do some brain exercises! Let’s see if you can influence a random coin toss. Telekinesis is known more for moving solid objects, but the same energies that create the psychic phenomena, can also be used to affect the chance flip of a coin.

There are two ways you can attempt to influence the coin in this coin toss experiment. You can use a coin, and this is probably the best way because it takes all the doubts of electronic interference or manipulation out of the picture. It can be a little noisy and get on your nerves after 100’s of trials, however.

Use telekinesis to influence a coin toss
Image from We recommend their random coin generator.

When you can’t use a coin, you can use telekinesis to influence a random number generator. Click Here to visit my preferred site. They use a true random number generation setup and display it using images of actual coins. There are many denominations to choose from and coins from a large portion of the world are available. Plus, you can choose to play with as many as 200 coins in one flip. I’ll explain more on how to use multiple coins in a moment.

Your goal is use telekinesis to influence whether the heads or tails comes up in each trial of this coin toss experiment. To be legitimate, your research must be performed enough times to show that your efforts have had an effect that goes beyond chance. There are only 2 choices, heads or tails and chance would average a 50% rate.

To be a statistical anomaly, you should rank higher than a 50% correct rate over the course of at least several hundred trials. One of the easiest ways to do this is to work in sets of 10, 50 or 100 trials. Keep a tally of your correct flips. Your goal is to do the specific number of trials over many different attempts.

For instance, you choose to work with 25 flips in each trial. Over the next 6 months, you complete 200 trials for a total of 5000 tosses. Seeing a 55% correct rate in just a few trials is not statistically exciting. The more trials you do while the correct rate is staying over 55% (on average) the more accurate your results are. You may have the occasional 40% rate and some 70% rates. This is chance having an effect on the results.


It is important to remember, you are NOT trying to use psychic abilities to know what the outcome of the next coin flip will be, you are attempting to change the next coin flip to be what you choose it to be. This is best accomplished by choosing either heads or tails at the start of your exercise set, and staying with it throughout the entire set of exercises.

Whether you choose to do one coin at a time or 100, stay with heads through the entire 10 (or whatever number of trials you decide on) for this session. You can change to a different outcome the next time you start fresh with a new set of trials.

In other words, if you choose heads, you should do the entire set of 10 to 100 attempts, trying to force heads to come up. If you get over 50% of the flips to come up heads, and you continue to get better than 50% over the course of multiple sets, you have a statistical anomaly. Some people find it actually helps to have a coin sitting nearby allowing you to physically see your choice. It is not a requirement but if it helps, hey go for it!

If you visit you will find a true random coin flip program that is perfect for your experiments. When you reach the point constantly showing beyond statistical anomaly, they also have a dice roll you can try to influence and other random number programs that will offer advanced level exercises. A dice has 6 sides so it requires more tracking and many more trials before accepting it as a statistical anomaly.

Using Multiple Coins

Another reason I like’s coin flip game is that you can choose up to 200 coins for each toss. I suggest using no more than 100 coins in each flip. Use your telekinetic powers to force every coin within the set to end up being your choice of heads or tails.

On your trial log, mark whether you are attempting to force heads or tails. Concentrate our your choice and use your mind to transmit your choice to the generator. One you click the flip button. Count how many times your chosen outcome shows up. Mark your trial log before attempting another trial. Chance is again 50/50 since each coin has it’s own random number generated.

Whether you choose to use the random number generator or a physical coin in your trials, you can work with multiple coins at one time. The idea is to attempt to influence the outcome of multiple coins tossed at the exact same time. For Instance, you decide to work with 10 coins at a time. In your notes, you would list both the number correct and the number wrong for each trial. Perhaps your toss shows 7 correct and 3 wrong. I write it as 7/3 in my records.

To determine whether that is a statistical anomaly, you would still need to do many trials. You simply add the total number correct and the total number wrong. I keep a running tally of this after each set of trials. Pure chance would show the numbers being almost exactly even. But if the correct side works out to be 3% or more higher than the incorrect side, you could have a case for saying you effected the outcome. Just remember, the more trials you go through the stronger the case for a statistical anomaly.

As your brain develops in the area that allows us to control the energies around us, you will see your percentage grow. How long will it take to reach the point where you can complete the coin toss experiment with an accuracy rate of 60%, 70% or more on a regular basis? No one can say. Even doctors do not come close to understanding everything there is to know about our brains and no one can say how advanced your brain is.

NOTE: This article was originally published at my Learn Telekinesis Training website. LTT is being updated at combined within the Holistic Humanity website.

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