telepathic communication goes far beyond mind reading

Telepathic Communication goes far beyond mind reading

Telepathic Communication: A Spiritual Gift

Telepathic communication has been reported to happen both spontaneously and through conscious effort. Almost every religion, country and culture in the world has reported incidences. It is one of the many Spiritual gifts Our Creator endowed upon us and many long for the day when it will be as commonplace as cell phones. The true number of people who have received spontaneous messages will never be know. Many time people pass messages off as nothing more than stray thoughts and it is only later, when speaking to the person who sent the message that they realize the physically received the message but did not accept it or act upon it.

Telepathic communication goes far beyond the ability to read minds. Messages can cross the barriers of both space and time to be received hours (or longer time periods) before or after they are sent. This article teaches one of the many telepathy techniques you can use. Before we get to the lesson let’s get a good working telepathy definition established.

telepathic communication goes far beyond mind readingI prefer the definition from Merriam Webster. “communication from one mind to another by extrasensory means”. Most of the other online dictionaries try to add additional qualifiers which serve only to muddy the understanding by limiting the definition of only specific situations.

There is only one obviously mandatory requirement to have ready before you start. You need someone to be a sender, while you receive. Make sure both people are ready before you start.

Step 1

Find your peaceful place. Meditated, burn incense, do Yoga, ground or center yourself. The method you choose to find that peaceful place within you is 100% up to you. They all work for the people they work for and don’t work for the ones they are not right for. It is the same way with telepathic communication. Do what works for you and you will be fine.

Step 2

At a chosen point in time, sit quietly and allow your mind to reach out to the other person. Then listen. Don’t just listen with your ears. Listen with your ears, heart, mind, body and soul. While most telepathic communications happens via hearing and sensing with your mind, it is not unheard of for people to feel communications within their body before they receive any words or images.

If it seems like you are having a hard time connecting with the person, try thinking about any physical traits you have experienced from the person. If your partner is online, you may not have ever smelled their scent or touched their skin, but you may have exchange photos. You may know the general area they live in. You are looking for anything from the physical world that allows you to “zone in” on the person.

Make a mental note of anything that feels “out of the ordinary”. Did one or more strange words pop into your head? The word(s) could be the message. Did a image of something you are not currently looking at suddenly pop into your head. The sender may have been sending the image of what they were currently seeing. Telepathic communication does not have to be via direct words. There are times when we receive only clues (images, ideas, feeling) about the message rather than the actual message. Make mental note so you can share it with your sender for confirmation.

Step 3

Communicate with your sender and check your results. I also suggest you start a telepathy and take notes of everything you can remember. Many people find they receive information in unusual ways and it is not until they begin to see patterns within their experiment notes that enough information emerges so they learn how they receive and process information.

Find an online partner to practice with

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