what is remote viewing and how it can help you

What is remote viewing and why you can benefit from it

What is remote viewing

Remote viewing is a process that allows individuals to “see” (via their mind’s eye) a target object/person/place beyond where their physical vision is capable of seeing. During the procedure, individuals are known to see, hear, feel, taste and/or touch objects, though seeing is the most commonly reported sense. Finding an answer that rings true to you for the question of what is remote viewing, is a personal journey. Your exact path may be much different than anyone who has decided to learn it before you. It is important that you understand it is a personal journey. You can often learn from the experiences of others, but do not judge your success based upon the successes of others.

what is remote viewing and how it can help you

If you Google the phrase “what is remote viewing” you find a long list of websites, each with a slightly different version of their take on the question. A closer look shows most of the difference in opinions occur based more on religious or spiritual beliefs. In reality, almost all of the sites are saying something fairly similar.

The big question should be, what is remote viewing to you personally? The differences in definition does not change the fact that it exists. They do not change the fact that it is learnable and they do not change the fact that how you learn and do it is more of a personal preference. The chances of success remain about the same no matter whose method(s) you choose to follow.

How Holistic Humanity teaches

We teach through a combination of free lessons, a forum where anyone can get their questions answered and regular exercises to practice what you are learning. All of the above is combined within a no stress, people helping people environment that actively removes trolls and spammers. We try to make every aspect of the training fun and welcoming without regard to race, religion, sex, national origin or sexual orientation.


  • Can anyone learn to remote view? I honestly cannot answer that question. It appears anyone can learn, however there have been people who stopped trying before having success. Was it a matter of they couldn’t learn or was it simply that they stopped before mastering their technique?
  • How much do you charge to teach remote viewing? Nothing. The lessons and the resources hosted on this site are free. We earn our money by hosting 3rd party (mainly Google) ads, selling ad space, advertising affiliate programs on site and (coming soon) selling subliminal recordings, isochronic tones, self hypnosis and binaural beat recordings. In the future, we may offer more intense instruction in various disciplines and charge a fee, but there will always be plenty of free training onsite also.
  • How long does it take to learn? That can vary greatly. I have know people who succeeded on their first attempt and others who took over a year to reach their first success. Each person is completely different.
  • How long does a practice session take? It varies with how you choose to prepare for the session. It is always best to mediate for while before starting. How long is up to you. Some people have basic rituals they use to attune themselves to Spirit, other prefer to just burn a little incense before hand. The physical act of remote viewing usually doesn’t take longer than about 10 minutes, but some take longer and some take a lesser amount of time.
  • What benefit can I receive from learning? Anything that helps you connect with the divine energies helps in both seen and unseen ways. In the physical world, it has been used to locate people or objects lost. Find the hiding places of wanted criminals, predicting financial markets, helping solve missing person cases and much more.

How do I get started?

The exact methods people use vary greatly. Like most everything in life, people tend to have different remote viewing techniques that work best for them. What techniques will work best for you? The only way to know it experiment. Try the tips and techniques we have on this site. If they don’t feel right or you don’t get the results you want, tweak them. The main thing is to not give up. Keep trying and keep tweaking until you get the result you want.

Join our Remote Viewing Group

Click Here, to join our remote viewing group. Each week we run a group exercise to help you fine tune your abilities. In between exercises, you can work individually with other group members looking for additional practice time, ask questions, answer questions others may have, talk about experiences you have had or just make friends.


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