What is the difference between Religion versus Spirituality?

What is the difference between Religion versus Spirituality?

Understanding the reasons why Religion Versus Spirituality are not the same

There are many falsehoods spoken as truths in our world. The one that is at the root of so many of the world’s problems is the belief held by many that Religion versus Spirituality are speaking of the exact same thing. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Religion’s were started by man, are ran by man and have all the problems of man. Please take a moment and allow that statement to sink in. If you choose to view that statement as a condemnation of religion, you probably have taken a negative view of this entire topic. It shows you are over-protective of your religious views and have chosen to listen to earthly teachers rather than our Creator.

This article is not a condemnation of religion. Rather it looks at the reality of religion in an attempt to allow those who are advanced Spiritually enough, to let go of the limiting parts many religions teach and replace them with the pure love that Spirituality brings. Your religious beliefs have helped you make it through life to the point you are at right now. Without your religious beliefs, you would not be who you currently are. You would not be seeking answers to move higher on the spiritual level.

I love the way Intuitive Journey says it. “A spiritual soul feels emotion and at one with the Universe without being forced to accept the ways of others. One of the largest questions of spirituality is what is the reason for our existence? This leads the human mind to search for answers that explain purpose and how to be content in a world where there is no textbook to follow. Whatever the reason, all of mankind shares the same common bond of feeling a oneness of feeding our unseen hunger.”

You are reading this article because something inside of you has led you here. Perhaps you simply have questions on what the differences are between Religion versus Spirituality. Perhaps you feel deep in your heart that religion is no longer fulfilling your needs and you are looking for a deeper understanding of how this all began. Perhaps The Creator has led you here to learn knowledge you will need for your next step in life. I cannot tell you why you are here and you may not receive an answer to that question for many years. That is perfectly fine. Simply accept there is a reason, learn what you can while you are here and keep moving forward with your life. You will make to exactly where you are supposed to go.

Religion is about control, Spirituality is about freedom

What is the difference between Religion versus Spirituality?Religion tends to tell you what you must do in order to be saved/move to the next level/or whatever your version of religion beliefs. Spirituality tends to connect you to the infinite energy that flows through everyone and everything in the entire universe. Religion tends to use fear to get it’s followers to fulfill it’s purpose. Spirituality tends to connect you to the free flow exchange of energy and knowledge and let’s you freely roam, learning what needs to be learned when it is time to learn it. Religions tend to use their teachings to save your soul. Spirituality tends to use its teachings to free your soul to experience all of The Creator’s creations.

It is important to note my use of the term “tends”. We are not dealing with simple aspects of life that are cut and dried. We are human beings and human being are very complicated. No two human beings see every aspect of life in exactly the same way and this is true in both religion and spirituality.

A good example of this is in the fact that most people believe Christians have very set rules that determine whether or not they are a Christian. In reality, there is only 1 rule in determining whether you are a Christian or not. The reason there are so many different Christian churches in the world is because (in most cases) one group of members split off from their original denomination and started their own because THEY DISAGREED ON WHAT THEIR GOD EXPECTED OF THEM.

Considering there are approximately 40k different Christian groups who run churches, there are obviously a lot of different opinions on what their god expects from their people. I am sure some of these groups started because someone thought they could do more than their current church was doing, but if you choose to think that all 40k of them started for that reason, it paints the religion as being ran by power hungry individuals, and I don’t want to do that either.

Please don’t think I am attempting to bad mouth Christians. I admit I use Christians in a lot of my teaching because that is what I am most familiar with. I was attending Christian churches as a young child and I have been thrown out of Christian churches for seeking answers that made others uncomfortable. I also know beyond a shadow of a doubt there are a lot of really good people doing the best they can do to help others within the Christian churches.

To be honest, people’s views on Spirituality differ just as much as the views of religious people. Many spiritual people still believe in heaven and hell. Many believe those are concepts that we humans have the free will to create on earth. Of course there are other differing beliefs. For the purposes of this website, I teach that heaven and hell are concepts we have the power to create on earth and have nothing to do with physical places we can see and touch at this point in time.

Truth is often hard to accept

When dealing with the subject of Religion versus Spirituality, there are a few things I view as truths. You may or may not agree with them, and that is fine when dealing with your personal life. On this website however, I write from the aspect that they are truths. If you keep that in mind while on this site, you can learn much. If you choose to get caught up in terminology and in trying to get me to change my mind, you will learn little and probably end up losing your account here if you choose to push the issue.

For the purpose of this website, the following are considered truths.

  • Religion and Spirituality are not the same thing and should not be used interchangeably.
  • There are many religious people who have no spiritual connection to the creator.
  • There are many spiritual people who have no connection to any specific religion.
  • There are people who claim a specific religious and/or spiritual belief system who seek only to improve their own lot in life at the expense of others.
  • Not everyone who claims a specific religious and/or spiritual belief system seeks to claim greatness or riches for themselves but seeks to ensure it is available to everyone.

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